“Costache Sturdza” County Library Bacau

 June 27th 1893 – A local society called “Culture” lays the foundation of the first public library in Bacău, located in the very building of the City Hall, having an initial fund of about 2000 volumes, thanks to the efforts of the members of the Board.

Mayor Gheorghe Sturdza, son of Costache Sturdza and nephew of prince Ioniţă Sandu Sturdza (former ruler of Moldavia) offers 948 volumes: ”I offer these books I own to the Public Library, so that the illiterates could learn and those who know can improve their knowledge, with the condition that the fund should be named Costache Sturdza.” Due to this gesture, the library was later given the name “Costache Sturdza” County Library.

Bacău County Library in 1960
Bacău County Library in 2006

May 1911

The books are transferred to Prince Ferdinand High School Library. They remained there until 1960, when they were transferred back to the Regional Library.


Costache Sturdza initial fond is transferred to another cultural society “Vasile Alecsandri” House of Counseling and Reading which also functions as a public library, helping local community. The society also settles an official regulation for the activity of the public library.

May 1950

The inauguration of the Public Library ruled by The Urban Committee of Bacău, hosted in two small rooms, with a fund of 3140 volumes, of which 2500 volumes were from the former libraries that functioned in Bacău and 640 were from the editorial production between 1948 and 1950. At the end of the year, the public library is subordinated to the regional state body, under the name of Bacău Regional Central Library.

May 1960

The public library moves in 6th March Street, no. 1, becoming the owner of the building.

February 1968

As a result of an administrative reorganization, the library is subordinated to the municipality, becoming Bacău Municipal Library.

March 1974

After another administrative reorganization, the public library subordinates the county of Bacău, becoming Bacău County Library.

1993 June

The library celebrates a century of public reading, hosting major national cultural events, including the editing of a book called: 100 hundred Years of Public Library in Bacău (1893-1993). The monography is written by Marilena Donea, Ioan-Lazar Paraschiv and Radu Stoian.


Bacău County Library is forced to move in another building, belonging to the Natural Science Museum, where it keeps functioning, although official documents signed in 2004 mentioned the return in the initial building (at the end of the rehabilitation work).